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“Just an amazing
place to record.”

“Everything delivered is
top-notch and flawless.”

“one of the most productive
environments I have worked in."

“I could always trust Jakob’s ideas
as well as his sensibilities.”

“easily the best guitar
tracking experience to date.”

“You helped me to put out a great
performance I am really proud of!”

“One of the most creative, effective
and vigorous producers I’ve ever hired.”


Total Isolation in the middle of Gothenburg

In the heart of central Gothenburg lies Stora Teatern ("the big theatre") built in the 1850s. It is one of Gothenburg's trademark buildings, and the home of Top Floor Studios. When working here, the city is just outside the door. Inside the building, two spacious guest apartments are available. There are also more than 40 hotels available within walking distance. 

studio design at its best

The studio is designed and built by renowned studio architects Claes Olsson and Ingemar Olsson. The design includes floating floors, double doors, high ceilings, natural daylight, and a smart climate system that ensures a perfect work environment.

Defined by a controlled yet lively sound, the recording room is designed for recording a variety of music styles and instruments. 48 wall mounted input channels around the room, together with dedicated guitar amp/cab connections and eight ethernet outputs for the Aviom personal monitoring systems, makes this room suitable for all styles of recording.

The comfortable control room is built to be perfect for both recording and mixing, and features a fully equipped SSL 6000G along with state of the art outboards and speakers.

Upstairs from the regular studio lies the big theatre stage. 40 microphone channels going straight down to the control room, together with 4 ethernet outputs for the Aviom systems, transforms the stage into Gothenburg's biggest studio connected recording room. Highly suitable for grand piano, choirs, brass or strings.


Owner and producer Jakob Herrmann works within a lot of different music styles, and has earned a wide reputation for his skills in drum recording and vocal producing, as well as his great ear for song arrangements and pre-production. Jakob has worked as producer, engineer, and drum tech on a large number of albums, and has also provided material for well known software companies and audio plugin manufacturers Softube, Centipeak, and Addictive Drums by XLN Audio. 
Additionally, the studio has a great network of different assistants and engineers, making it possible to tailor the team and production style to fit any budget or genre. Of course outside engineers and producers are welcome to work here as well.


The client list for Top Floor Studios, and for Jakob Herrmann as producer, recording engineer or drum tech, includes artists and musicians such as:
AnthraxIn Flames, Europe, Hurts, Machine Head, Raised Fist, Cyhra, SuicideboysAmaranthe, Danko JonesHardcore Superstar, Evergrey, Diablo Swing Orchestra, AvatarAdrian ErlandssonManimal, Mikael Wiehe, Kee Marcello, Bob HundThe Resistance, Jamey Jasta, Body Count, Engel, Jesper Strömblad, Björn GelotteMustasch, Hurula, Andreas Weise, Grand Magus, Freak Kitchen, Draconian, H.e.a.t., Art NationBatAAr and many more.

Other employers and collaborators include producers and mixing engineers such as Roberto Laghi, Tobias Lindell, Jay RustonJoe Barresi, Adam "Nolly" GetgoodJens Bogren, Jacob Hansen, Tue MadsenForrester Savell, Jonas Quant, Ryan Kelly and Steve Lagudi.

Jakob always knows exactly where to steer a production to give it the most impact, character, and depth, while demanding a level of quality and musicianship that always meets or exceeds my expectations. As a fellow engineer and producer, I could always trust Jakob’s ideas as well as his sensibilities.
— Justin Davis, producer/engineer (Lullwater, etc)
I have mixed several albums recorded at Top Floor by Jakob Herrmann, and he’s a real pro. Everything delivered is top-notch and flawless, which is of utmost importance for a great mix these days.
— Jacob Hansen, engineer/producer (Evergrey, Volbeat, etc)
Just an amazing place to record. His knowledge of drum engineering and tuning is immense, so there’s no need for samples. This studio is one of the most productive musical environments I have worked in. Can’t wait to come back!
— Darby Todd (The Darkness, Kee Marcello, Robert Plant, Gary Moore)
This studio is the place to go if you want the drum sound of your dreams. Jakob Herrmann knows what he is doing, and the fact that the studio is located in the heart of Gothenburg gives the whole recording experience that extra edge! I’m truly happy that we decided to work with Jakob and Top Floor on our latest album, and I recommend all bands to check it out for themselves!
— Jake E (Amaranthe, Cyhra)
Recording guitars at Top Floor studios was easily the best guitar tracking experience to date. As a very precise musician himself, Jakob understands the importance of cutting edge equipment and zero latency - and most importantly a great sound - as few others.
— Olof Mörck (Amaranthe, Dragonland)
Jakob has consistently gotten some of the best drum sounds I’ve ever recorded. Amazing space and wonderful gear, Top Floor is my home away from home!
— Ryan Kelly, engineer/producer (Beyoncé, Slash, etc)
Professionalism wrapped in awesomeness! I’ll be back!
— Kee Marcello (Europe, Easy Action)
The collection of different snare drums is a dream for any drummer, and the recording room sounds great.
— Jonas Ekdahl (Evergrey)
I recently started practicing the material for the live rehearsals, and realized again how much I appreciate your contribution, your ideas and your opinions. You helped me to put out a great performance I am really proud of!
— Alex Landenburg (Cyhra, Rhapsody)
One of the most creative, effective and vigorous producers I’ve ever hired. And a great guy to hang out with.
— Kasper Søyland (Hengsrø Smie, Frost)
Jakob and Top Floor Studios created awesome tones, making my mixing easy.
— Forrester Savell, mixing engineer (Animals as Leaders, Karnivool, etc)


Console / DAW / Monitoring

SSL 6000G
48 channels with the "Black" style EQ..

Pro Tools, Logic & Cubase
For the benefit of the customer and guest engineers, we´re not bound to a specific program.
Recording is virtually latency-free, even during large sessions, due to fast RME cards and Ferrofish converters.

Three and a half pairs of Genelec, and more
Two wall inserted 1073 in the front. Two elevating Focal SM9 in front. Three elevating Genelec 8030 in the front,
Two elevating Genelec 8030 in the back. One wall inserted 7070 subwoofer. Two elevating Dynaudio M1 in the front.

Preamps / Outboards

UA LA-610 Putnam Edition. UA 6176 (x2). Vintage Series (x2).
Vintagedesign M87D Neve-style. SSL 6000 (x32),
UA LA2A. UA 1176 (x2). TFProP38 (stereo).
Klark Teknik SQ1 (x8). SSL 6000 (x32 mono, x8 stereo).
Klark Teknik DN360 (x5). Roland SDE3000. TC Electronics M2000. Yamaha SPX90.
Lexicon PCM81. V-Verb 2496. BBE Maximizer. SSL 6000 (x32 mono, x8 stereo).


Shure SM57 (x10). Shure Beta57 (x5). Shure Beta52 (x2). Shure Beta56 (x2).
Shure SM7B. Sennheiser 421 (x2). Sennheiser e902. Sennheiser e904 (x4). Sennheiser e906.
Condenser / Tube
Neumann U87 (x2). Milab DC96C (x2). Milab VM44 (x6). Milab BDM-01 (x2). Rode Classic MK1 (x2).
AKG C451B (x3). AKG C214 (x4). Rode NT5 (x5). Rode NT2 MK1 (x2). Rode K2. AKG SE300B.
GAP Ribbon (x2). Shotgun mic. Shure Beta91 (x2). Sennheiser e901 (x2). Yamaha Subkick.

Drums / Amps / Other

Pearl Masterworks. Tama Starclassic. Vintage acrylic.
Snare drums
Approx. 30 snares from DW, Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha, Premier, Tama, Beat Head, Mapex, Spunky, etc.
Approx. 30 high-end cymbals from Sabian and Zildjian.
Guitar amp heads
Peavey 5150. Engl. Mesa Boogie. Vox. Fender. Marshall.
Guitar amp combos
Fender. Hiwatt. Vox.
Guitar amp cabs
Mahler Engineering. Suhr. Peavey. Hiwatt.
Delays, reverbs, fuzzboxes, distortion, wah-wah, noise gates, etc.
M-Audio midi controller. Yamaha acoustic grand piano.
Third-party plugins
Softube, Soundtoys, iZotope, Fabfilter, Accusonus, Antares, Plugin Alliance, Positive Grid, Soundradix, Stillwell, Toontrack Valhalla, Wavesfactory, Celemony, Native Instruments, Toontrack, XLN Audio, Slate Digital, etc.
Ethernet-based Aviom A16 Personal Monitoring System (x8)
Sennheiser 280 (x6), AKG K240 (x3), Total Isolation (x2), Metrophones (x2), Vic Firth headphones (x2), Whydah Gally (x5), etc.



The studio rates are calculated per individual project to offer the best solution for your budget. We ensure a great working environment, top-notch producing, and high quality equipment. Always included in the price is the studio itself, along with all available studio and backline equipment, as well as our spacious guest apartments if needed. All located in our central Gothenburg theatre building.

Top Floor Studios has several assistants and a renowned network within the music and recording business, and can offer many different types of solutions and collaborations for recording and mixing. Our flexibility and experience with different kinds of projects makes us suitable for every budget level, and both established and new artists will find themselves right at home.

If you're looking for a price quote, or want to discuss the best solution for your project - get in touch. 
Our contact info is at the bottom of this page, or simply email and let us know how we can be of service. 

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+46 (0)702 647 574


Stora Teatern
Kungsparken 1
411 36 Gothenburg